The Billboard Project is a series of photos by Zoe Strauss, displayed on 54 separate billboards, traversing dozens of neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

The billboards will exhibit Zoe Strauss’s photos without informative text, branding or logos. They effectively eliminate 53 spaces available for commercial advertising.

The Billboard Project is for both residents and visitors, and can be seen simultaneously as a homecoming and a journey.

All four seasons are represented in the Billboard Project. And there are billboards with photos made in South Philadelphia and billboards with photos made in Alaska and the South of France. The Project doesn’t represent a single place or time period. The Billboard Project is very loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey, a 10 year journey.

The portraits in the Project are simultaneously residents, travelers and guides.

The Billboard Project is all questions and no answers.

Beginning on January 12th, 2012, the entire Project will be up for 10 weeks.

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